Y Pham
Y Pham


b. 1986, HK.




01. BeOffice | Chicago, IL

02. Aqualeaf Organic Company | Chicago, IL

03. Leapfrog Product Development | Chicago, IL

04. St. Cloud State University | St Cloud, MN

05. HD Beauty | Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

06. Torque Digital | Chicago, IL

07. Elegant Smiles | Las Vegas, NV



Typography, Branding & Identity, Website 



  • AIGA Portfolio One on One 2016

  • Academic & Cultural Sharing Scholarship

  • DEAN’S LIST with a GPA of 3.75 and over


Email: yvpham1994@gmail.com





My name is Y, but I usually go by Shashi. I have 3 years of experience working as an in-house designer and a freelance designer. I was born and raised in Vietnam but currently resides in the windy Chicago city of Illinois. In Dec 2016, I graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design from St Cloud State University (St Cloud, MN.)

Although I had just graduated from university recently, my portfolio proves otherwise due to its exceptional accomplishment. My work has been featured in both AIGA’s gallery and Behance’s curated gallery. I was also the winner of the AIGA Portfolio 1 on 1 in 2016. After my graduation, I have been freelancing both locally and internationally. I am extremely skilled in Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, After Effect, and Dreamweaver with a basic knowledge of HTML & CSS.


I am a young designer with a burning passion to create as many beautiful designs as possible. However, I didn’t have much of a smooth start. My financial status didn’t allow me to enroll to expensive top-notch art schools, so I settled for SCSU where I was offered a scholarship. SCSU doesn’t have a very good art program; however, I never let that prevent me from achieving my goals and becoming a great designer. I’ve always tried to continuously educate myself to makeup for my disadvantage. In 2016, I participated in Portfolio 1 on 1 competition held by AIGA Minnesota. Besides having little time to prepare for the competition, I also faced many difficulties. Three weeks before the competition, my computer and flash drive crashed and all designs I’ve ever made were gone. Needless to say, I had almost withdrawn from the competition but my passion and ambition couldn’t let it happen. I pulled myself together and started designing everything from scratch. I was one of the 7 winners that year. I received appraisal from many accomplished designers and that gave me motivation to keep getting better. I hope this little story gave you a glimpse of my passion for design and of how great I could work under pressure and tight deadlines.

Throughout my 3 year span of experience, I have worked as an in-house designer and as a freelance branding/packaging designer. While I was in college, I had the opportunity to work as an in-house designer for SCSU for almost two years. The job allowed me to work in a fast paced environment that requires organizational skills and the ability to design effectively and quickly. Since it was a printing service center, I got to learn more about the printing production (plotter poster, brochures, booklets, business cards, etc.) Besides having experience in print design, I am also familiar with 2D motion graphics and interactive design. For web design, I only have the basic knowledge of the simple HTML/CSS but I am always willing to learn more when there’s an opportunity. I am very passionate about branding and identity design, typography and illustration. However, I have recently developed a new love for UI/UX design and wanting to learn more about it.

Even though I only have about a year of experience in packaging design, I am confident to say I am capable of creating beautiful packaging designs and I also have a very good eye for design. I have received a lot of freelance offers on branding and packaging design from Behance and other social media platforms based on my great performance on previous projects. I have been freelancing for almost a year now as a branding and packaging designer from startup companies to bigger companies, from local companies to international companies. Freelancing has given me an opportunity to learn how to work with clients. As a freelancer, I have learned to always put my clients’ priorities first to guarantee they are happy and satisfied with the service I provide. I have also learned tremendously about packaging design and the CPG industry while freelancing. This year I had finished 2 packaging projects: Zulu athletic water bottles packages and Aqualeaf Organic Company’s organic vegetables packages. I’m still currently working on a packaging design for a luxurious fashion line called Eliana Santos LTD located in London, UK. Although I had just recently graduated from college, I am pretty confident with my design skills and knowledge due to the experience I gained from freelancing and working as an in-house designer. I currently looking for a full time job at a creative firm hoping to learn more about the process of strategic thinking in design, packaging design (marketing design,) digital design (UI/UX would be even betterrr) and the business aspect of design.