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For my first blog post, I'd like to share about my first time experience working at a creative design firm. It has been 4 days since I started freelancing at Torque Digital (a creative firm located in Chicago, Illinois.) I actually found out about Torque when I was freelancing for another of my client - Leapfrog - which was also located in the same building. So I decided to check out their website and found out that they are also hiring a designer. Next thing you know, I was applying for the job.

I have been freelancing for quite a few companies ever since I graduated in December 2016, but I have never got a chance to work for/with a design company before. So I was very thrilled when I got the offer. During my days at Torque, I work closely under the supervision of the creative director and senior designers, project manager different design tasks.  My tasks consist of creating different versions of UI/UX design for website pages based on wireframes, designing print projects, and prepare print production files. This is the first time I get to work and collaborate with other designers and it feels awesome. 




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