Y Pham
Y Pham


The project illustrations were all hand drawn by me. Since I don’t have an iPad Pro or Wacom, I had to draw it on paper then scan it and use pen tool in Illustrator to trace it. It was a lot of work but I had so much fun doing it and the results were rewarding.

Bầu Cua Cá Cọp [translate to "Squash-Crab-Fish-Tiger"] is a traditional Vietnamese dice game that is very popular and often played during Lunar New Year. The game got its name and inspiration from five treasured animals and a calabash squash carrying rare wine, which signifies an extravagant meal hoping for good things to come in the new year. I have recently become very fascinated with my cultural roots; thus, I wanted to challenge myself by modernizing Vietnamese art and design aesthetic to something fresh and clean . The design is influenced by the European card design, it is very complex and detail oriented but still maintain to look structured and not too busy. There are six animals/objects illustrations on the board game, just as in the original design. However, the original has a different layout; they are divided into 2 rows and 3 column squares.