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The Sangamon


The West Loop has seen many new commercial buildings come up in recent years. Incredible rehabs, outstanding new construction, trendy loft-style spaces – but it’s never seen anything like this. 310 Sangamon is the building the West Loop – and all of Chicago for that matter – has been missing.

It’s a building that will achieve a whole new level of sustainability and contribute to tenant wellness in a huge way – 310 Sangamon will be the first Passive House commercial building in Chicago and the largest in the country, a strict sustainability and wellness standard. And while tenants can improve their health inside, they can improve their balance outside. This building will sit in the richest part of Fulton Market, providing plenty of spots for a rejuvenating lunch break or unwinding after the workday is done. All in a spot conveniently connected to the rest of the city by transit, bike, and highway.

Companies big or small can make 310 Sangamon their new home, as the 27,000 square foot, center-core floor plates can accommodate nearly any type of user. Companies who move here care about the environment and the wellbeing of their employees. They believe in innovation and are looking to the future – and they’re in good company, as next door neighbors of Google and other progressive companies. 310 Sangamon will be a commercial building like no other commercial building Chicago has ever seen before. Work in the building Chicago’s been missing.

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